I have 20 years in the creative industry, spanning work across the country in major markets such as Chicago, Boston, New York, Dallas, Phoenix and Los Angeles.  This  gallery only represents a small portion of my creative driven work and is just a glimpse of what my creative can do. It is not meant to supplant the discovery process or show off the shelf solutions. Every project  shown had a variety of client and consumer demands. Your project should be the same.


 I have been at major agencies, as well as boutique design firms pushing the envelope in creative delivery. I have been lucky enough to be recognized by Print Magazine, Graphis, the AIGA and similar publications for my creative work... 21 times.


I have been published in Thompson Del Mar learning manuals, books on interactive and assisted with the development of an illustration  program at Arizona State University. I am a practicing fine artist, with large scale oil paintings in hotels and private collections in the United states, China and France.

I firmly believe in the manual process of creation, and often start every project with a simple piece of blank paper. I can execute with thumbnail sketches or in virtually any software package in the design studio. I have a deep skill set, that encompasses the entire Adobe suite including AP and AE, as well as packages like C4DXL, StudioMax, Quark and a host of deprecated video platforms and software. I also have the ability to work in development, using PHP, Mysql, JS and have  a strong understanding of AS2/3, HTML/DHTML/HTML5.

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    Brian Drake


    Los Angels based creative and digital strategy consultant.